Product | ENVIRO




ENVIRO is an energy-efficient glazing system, with good thermal insulation and noise reduction.

Not to be confused with double glass windows or secondary sashes/windows, ENVIRO consists of two or more layers of glass separated using aluminium or other types of spacers around the edges, hermetically sealed to the perimeter in controlled conditions. It is possible to combine ENVIRO with tempered glass, laminated glass, printed or even bent glass. However, for higher performance, ENVIRO is best suited with combination of Low-E Glass.



ENVIRO reduces the sun’s direct heat energy and greatly improves the thermal control properties more efficiently than ordinary single glazing. This thermal insulation improvement works day and night in reducing the heat and cold, therefore providing a stable room temperature. It also prevents condensation, therefore provides a fog free window. You can use your own creativity and boundless imagination in using different shapes and colors to be applied on the glass.


ENVIRO reduces costs for air conditioning and heating, yet improves occupant comfort by controlling the temperature in the room and reducing the noise entrance.

In certain applications ENVIRO often acts as a structural member of the building.