MAGIPRINT is a decorative glass made by printing the glass on silk screen before it is tempered. During the tempering process, the glass enamel fuses into the glass surfaces and produces a permanent coating which will not be damaged or removed by cleaning or scrubbing.

The coating is also resistant to moisture, oil, soap, detergent or chemicals and it preserves its original unique colors.

The glass design can be customized according to customers’ needs and preferences. The ceramic ink used on the production process is provided by Johnson Matthey (UK and Netherland) and Ferro (USA).




MAGIPRINT is scratch resistance. The printed color is permanent, therefore it lowers your anxiety if it should be removed or peeled by accident. It also makes cleaning easier, since you do not have to worry about peeling the print out of its surface. It is also oil free. So you can easily remove oily substance from it because it does not stick to the printed glass. To clean this product you simply need a regular cloth, water and soap.

MAGIPRINT is tempered, which means it is 3 to 5 times stronger than regular glass. It is also stronger than other   printed glass. Being strong makes MAGIPRINT a safe glass to use. Even when the glass breaks, it shatters into smaller blunt pieces which are harmless and easily cleaned. It is also weather resistant. With these advantages you can use this printed glass on the exterior of buildings to enhance their appearance.

The best advantage of this printed glass is that it allows you to become your own interior designer. You can use your own creativity and boundless imagination in using different shapes and colors to be applied on the glass. This makes your individuality pop up and makes your place distinctive and unique.