Clear Float Glass is a flat smooth glass with thickness from 2mm to 19mm which is made by the float process.

This glass is free of distortion and is a good transmission of perfect images reflection. The size is available in about  3 m wide and about 10 m long, sectioned for ease of transportation.

All clear glass is by reputable glass producers from around the world. To provide good quality and accurate cutting size, we trust Lisec (Austria) & Bystronic (Switzerland) cutting machine to produce high quality glass products.






Tinted Float Glass is a clear float glass with a touch of various colors. The colors come from metals such as cobalt, manganese and selenium which allow it to absorb the sun’s heat up to 55%. The thicker the tinted glass is, the darker the room becomes, thus the more comfortable the room or space it protects. This wonderful advantage of tinted float glass is particularly suitable for tropical areas since it helps to save air conditioner’s cost.

Tinted Float Glass also has light deflecting ability which allows it to reduce light transmission and the blinding ray of sun to 45% softer during daytime.







Reflective Glass is a single sheet glass with a thin transparent metal oxide coated to one surface of the glass.  

The process of coating is called Pyrolysis. This coating, with an option of super silver or classic, ensures comfort, greater stability of appearance, performance and durability. It reflects light and heat, therefore reduces the need of air conditioner while at the same time adds a touch of style. It also reduces solar radiation by reflecting the sunlight transmitted to the glass.

Reflective Glass comes in 5, 6, 8 and 12 mm thickness with size about 3 m wide and 5 m long, sectioned for ease of  transportation.






Low-E Glass is a new series of low emissive glass produced by coating technology. This high end technology coats glass surface with several layers of different materials which produce a highly transparent glass as the final product.

Among several materials coated on the glass surface is an anti-reflective metal oxide base layer which increases the transparency of glass. On top of it, a silver layer, which effectively reflects infrared rays while still maintains excellent thermal performance, is spread. As a final product, a highly transparent and low reflective glass is produced.

This Low-E Glass is also a good thermal insulator and a wonderful energy-saving asset of modern architectural glass. For higher performance, Low-E Glass is best suited with ENVIRO.



Low-E Glass is almost neutral in color which makes it suitable for any designs and applications. It is also transparent to visible light, so that it brightens the room in daytime. Therefore, application of Low-E Glass reduces the need for artificial lighting and electricity usage.

However, the Low-E Glass is also highly reflective of infrared radiation. It blocks the entrance of large amount of heat and does not cause significant glare problems.  Low-E Glass also leaves the interior temperature maintained by controlling the heat and cold that enter the building with its thermal insulating function.




Patterned Annealed Glass is a flat smooth glass with attractive patterns which is produced by roll-out process.

In the process, the melting blend of glass materials is poured through a pair of rollers. One of the rollers has a pattern that will later make up the patterned glass surface.

This artistic patterned annealed glass will not only enhance the mood and atmosphere of a room by diffusing light to various degrees of shade, but also will help to shield the room from outsiders’ disturbance.