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MAGISAFE is an ultra-safe and shatterproof glass which provides ultimate protection for you and the people around you. It is made through a heating and pressing process in which one or more sheets of flexible, transparent, resilient polyvinyl film are laminated between two or more sheets of flat or curved glass.

The polyvinyl film used in MAGISAFE is clear and reliable. It does not blister or in any way disturb the total clarity of the glass sheets. This superb Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) films are manufactured by world renowned PVB makers: DuPont (USA), Solutia (USA) and Trosifol (Germany).

All these outstanding features make MAGISAFE the perfect product whenever a safety glazing materials are needed.



MAGISAFE, as the name suggests, is completely safe. There is no safer glass product than this one because it does not shatter or drop off if it should be broken. The interlayer film which is laminated among the sheets of glass will keep the broken glass attached to its layer, therefore safe from people underneath or beside it.

The interlayer film also serves as a sort of glue which keeps the glass in its frame. This is an excellent advantage for using the glass in places that require protection and security. Since the glass, even when it is broken, does not stray from its frame, it offers resistance to penetration. This acts as a shield to robbers and thieves. MAGISAFE protects your lives and your property.

Another advantage of the interlayer film is its sound damping performance which makes it effective in controlling sound transmission. Therefore, this glass is perfect for places that require sound proof quality such as the music room, the recording room, or simply rooms where confidentiality is highly appreciated.

In the end, MAGISAFE also saves your family and interiors against harmful UV radiation. It screens 99% of Ultra Violet radiation so that it prevents the furnitures from discoloration and keeps the room inside naturally cool while maintains its healthy daylight atmosphere.



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