Each glass produced by MAGI® is processed with the latest technology and the most care to achieve the highest quality possible with the most reasonable price. A wider range of products are now available to serve all customers' need.
Our high quality products added with best customer service.


Self Cleaning Glass

MAGINANO glass areas become water and oil repellent. So, we don’t need  more frequent cleaning and keep the glass free from dirt,

giving not only the practical benefit of less cleaning, but also clearer, better- looking windows.

Other benefits if you use MAGINANO :

Eco cleaning - without chemical cleaner

Protect from mold & bacteria

Scratch resistance

Reduce glare & give more shiny


Clear Float Glass
is a flat smooth glass with thickness from 2mm to 19mm which is made by the float process.

This glass is free of distortion and is a good transmission of perfect images reflection. The size is available in about  3 m wide and about 10 m long, sectioned for ease of transportation.






MAGITEMP is a toughened glass which is made through heating ordinary annealed glass up to 650o C where it will be softened and then quickly soaked on both surfaces with a blast of cool air. Through this process, a stronger glass can be produced. This glass does not break easily under tension, and when it does break, it will shatter into small blunt pieces which do not harm people.





Is an ultra-safe and shatterproof glass which provides ultimate protection for you and the people around you. It is made through a heating and pressing process in which one or more sheets of flexible, transparent, resilient polyvinyl film are laminated between two or more sheets of flat or curved glass.


The development in contemporary architecture and design has promoted exceptional ideas such as the curved shapes of buildings and furniture. This exceptional design needs an exceptional shape of glass. Therefore, we introduce MAGIBEND, a convenient product to use for the curviest shape possible. Producing this unconventional product obviously needs delicate attention.




Is a decorative glass made by printing the glass on silk screen before it is tempered. During the tempering process, the glass enamel fuses into the glass surfaces and produces a permanent coating which will not be damaged or removed by cleaning or scrubbing.





Is an energy-efficient glazing system, with good thermal insulation and noise reduction.



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